Friday, September 6, 2013

The Torduckin Promise

My desire to be technically creative has been moved by recent revelations of government capabilities in gathering intelligence on USA citizens.
One of the most influential books I have ever read was "Applied Cryptography".
I purchased the first edition when it came out and have followed the insights of Mr. Bruce Schneier ever since.

In his blog, Mr. Schneier makes very compelling arguments here
and here
The Internet was built on public funds for public use. The Internet made it possible for me as a 13 year old in The South Bronx to reach out to the world and become successful at what I do today. I have found my way to giving back to the Internet by running completely free Anonymous Email Remailers and Anonymizing Public Proxies since 1997.

Effective Saturday September 7, 2013 I will be making a change to the MagusNet Anonymout Public Proxy ( Torduckin ) as an attempt to deal with the possibility that OpenVPN + Tor + SSH + Linux/OpenBSD may have an unknown vulnerability that has yet to be revealed in their cryptographic capabilities.

I will be auto-generating new SSL Certificates for OpenVPN on my website every 6 hours. There will be no logging of any kind in any location and the virtual machines that run in RAM and house the VPN  + Tor  + Citadel Hidden Sites will be wiped by writing over all RAM addresses multiple times before reloading.

This may be paranoid or maybe not going far enough. Either way, I am dedicated to making sure that I use my technical capabilities to engineer the most secure solutions I can to allow everyone everywhere in the world to use the Internet and feel just a little bit safer along the way.

Thank you.

-- Jean Francois - President and Founder of MagusNet, LLC.

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