Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Imagine a better future, then create it!

There is a huge gap between the way we want the world to be and the way it functions in reality. If you have been paying attention to the state of the world, and global current political events, you may be asking yourself, Why?

Let's ask this question to two men from history:

Only one answer is possible. 
Because man has within him a lust for hatred and destruction. In normal times this passion exists in a latent state, it emerges only in unusual circumstances; but it is a comparatively easy task to call it into play and raise it to the power of a collective psychosis. Here lies, perhaps, the crux of all the complex factors we are considering,
an enigma that only the expert in the lore of human instincts can resolve.

- From Einstein's letter to Freud
- The Einstein-Freud Correspondence (1931-1932)

Thus it would seem that any effort to replace brute force by the might of an ideal is, under present conditions, doomed to fail. Our logic is at fault if we ignore the fact that right is founded on brute force and even today needs violence to maintain it.

- From Freud's letter to Einstein 
- The Einstein-Freud Correspondence (1931-1932)

It's time to change the world.
What have you contributed to make tomorrow better?

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