Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The $9 NextThing ChipPC is Incredible Fun!

For those of you that drop by every now and then, you are aware that I have been a fan of projects using the RaspberryPI.
I had some free time and money on my hands and managed to get these from
NextThingCo during their completed Kickstarter Campaign:

My C.H.I.P     


My PocketC.H.I.P


Operating System:
  • Debian Linux

Installed Software for my Project:
  • hostapd    ( WiFi Access Point )
  • OpenVPN  ( Security )
  • Tor             ( Security )
  • oathtool     ( Two Factor/Multi-Factor Authentication )

Highlighted Hardware Capabilities:
  • Boots from internal flash ( no sdcard required )
  • Dual WiFi ( wlan0 and wlan1 )
  • Bluetooth
  • Can be managed with minicom or screen using a standard mini-USB cable

For the record I have 3 C.H.I.P units and one PocketC.H.I.P purchased during the KickStarter so my costs were a little higher than what you are seeing here.

Lets break this down in current costs from their site: 

  • ChipPC - $9
  • Chip Case - $2
  • Battery ( LiON 3.7v ) - $5
  • Composite Cable - $5
  • A complete Linux System with a dedicated WiFi AP with built in VPN with Tor I can run in my pocket  ( Priceless!)

Happy New Year and Happy Hacking!

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